Company profile


       Founded in 1953, China Coal Building and Installation Engineering Company is subordinate to China National Coal Group Corp currently. It possesses the national first-grade general contracting qualifications on construction of building engineering, mine engineering, municipal public works, mechanical and electrical installation works; first-grade specialist contracting qualifications on building decoration engineering, building curtain wall project, crane installation engineering, metal doors and windows project as well as second-grade general contracting qualifications on petrochemical engineering; third-grade specialist qualifications on general contracting of highway project construction. It has developed into a large-scale general contracting enterprise with the most competitiveness in domestic mining and building industries, being outstanding on major businesses, possessing excellent equipments and advanced technologies as well as integrating mining, building, installation and washing operation together.

         Currently, there are more than 5800 employees in the company and 2600 technicians in different majors; the company also owns 2066 sets of comprehensive corollary equipments being advanced at home and abroad, with total equipment capacity of 38558 KW. Its annual construction ability reaches 5 billion yuan, with coal washing operating capacity of 50 million tons/year.  Since its establishment, the company has always bear the construction task of key mining area for China’s coal industry. It has accomplished the construction and installation projects for the maximum coal preparation plant at home and even in Asia in each different stage and created several firsts; it has undertaken two thirds of building and installation projects for coal preparation plants and pithead power plants throughout the country, doing remarkable contribution for coal construction of the nation. 

          Depending on progress of science and technology and paying attention to its development, the company establishes a construction technology innovation system specific to its own characteristics. Its technological reserve is solid, forming a complete set of processes and technologies for building and installation covering multi industries like coal, metallurgy, chemical engineering and civilian use, etc. In numerous fields for building construction technologies used in large-scale industrial and civilian projects such as silo slide-form, various kinds of main shaft tower, comprehensive construction technology for underground tank and silo, reinforced concrete structure construction under extremely low temperature, retaining and protecting for deep foundation pit, steel structure manufacturing and installation, etc, the company has accumulated rich experiences. Moreover, with respect to installation of trestle with long span and installation of complete electromechanical equipment of various models for coal preparation plant, the company is also in leading position at home.



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